4-Pack Gifts

4-Pack Gifts

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These great little 4-packs contain 4 x 60ml bottles (2 olive oils and 2 balsamics)

Choose from 5 different themes:

Bread Dippers contain Tuscan Herb & Blood Orange Olive Oils with Pomegranate & Chocolate Balsamics

The Basics contain Basil & Garlic Olive Oils with Traditional & Fig Balsamics

BBQ Lovers contain Garlic & Chipotle Olive Oils with Fig & Chocolate Balsamics

Savoury Gourmet contains Mushroom Sage & Rosemary Olive Oils with Cinnamon-Pear & Neapolitan Herb Balsamics

Salad Pleasers contain Blood Orange & Basil Olive Oils with Cranberry Pear & Strawberry Balsamics

*more flavour combinations available in-store.