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Pairs With

• Premium White
• Cranberry-Pear
• Grilled Lemon
• Fig
• Mango
• Oregano
• Lemongrass-Mint
• Sherry Wine
• Grapefruit
• Champagne Wine
• Traditional
• Strawberry
• Raspberry
• Watermelon

Ideas for Use

• Pair with Watermelon Rosé to dress a tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad. Finish with crumbled feta cheese.
• Use to prepare the most delicious homemade mayonnaise or tartar sauce.
• Drizzle over vegetables before grilling, or use to sauté greens or vegetables.
• Combine with your favorite wine vinegar and some Dijon mustard and use to dress potato salad.
• Brush over grilled crostini and top with smoked salmon and crème fraîche or sour cream; sprinkle with chopped chives and dill.
• Drizzle over fluffy omelettes or scrambled eggs.
• Pair with Sherry Wine or Oregano White Balsamic and use to dress farro chick pea salad.
• Use to poach salmon.
• For a healthy side, drizzle it over baked sweet potatoes.

Excellent Complements

• Vinaigrettes
• Marinades for Fish, Chicken, & Lamb
• Pasta & Grains
• Leafy/Winter Greens
• Legumes
• Summer/Winter Squash
• Eggs
• Tomatoes
• Cucumbers
• Potatoes
• Sweet Potatoes
• Celery Root
• Radishes
• Feta