The intense sweet-tart flavour of the pomegranate is a perfect match for hearty meats like lamb and duck. It makes an exciting dressing whisked with your favourite oil, pomegranate seeds, toasted nuts and feta cheese. It adds depth to pan sauces, braised meats or compotes. Drizzle over poached fruits and ice cream for an elegant and easy dessert.
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Pairs With

• Dill
• Persian Lime
• Tuscan Herb
• Rosemary
• Butternut Squash Seed

Ideas for Use

• Use to caramelize red or cipollini onions.
• Combine with Persian Lime, Italian Lemon, or Basil olive oil, serve over salad greens topped with nuts, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and caramelized red onions.
• Combine with Basil or Gremolata oil and use to marinate lamb or duck.
• Reduce in a saucepan then drizzle over duck or chicken.
• Mix 4 parts homemade strawberry syrup to 1 part Pomegranate balsamic to make a fantastic shrub mixer.
• Try it in your favorite cranberry relish or marmalade.
• Whisk it with Harissa olive oil and drizzle it over oven roasted cherry tomatoes.
• Add to stewed Turkish eggplant.
• Use in lieu of wine vinegar in Caponata, the Sicilian sweet and sour version of ratatouille.

Excellent Complements

• Vinaigrettes
• Reductions
• Vegetables
• Grains
• Leafy Greens
• Fresh Fruit
• Marinades for Lamb, Duck, & Fish
• Sweet Treats & Drinks