Most popular in North Africa and the Middle East, Harissa is made with chili peppers (often smoked), garlic, caraway, coriander and cumin, which are pounded into a paste and left overnight to develop its flavours. We’ve added more kick to this by popular demand, making it our hottest infused extra virgin olive oil.
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Pairs With

• Chocolate
• Mango
• Peach
• Premium White
• Espresso
• Serrano Honey

Ideas for Use

• Combine with any of the suggested vinegar pairings to marinate beef, lamb, chicken, vegetables, or shrimp before grilling.
• Combine with Mango or Pepper & Honey for a spicy, sweet, and savory dressing.
• Drizzle over scrambled eggs.
• Add to lamb or chicken with fresh peppers before roasting.
• Drizzle over hummus.
• Use to toss couscous, quinoa, or farro.
• Drizzle over roasted bell pepper salad.

Excellent Complements

• Chicken Tagine
• Lamb Stew
• Grilled Vegetables
• Spicy Grain Salads
• Hummus