This aged Balsamic Vinegar is amazingly complex, with layers of authentic espresso and dark roasted coffee. It makes a fantastic glaze or barbeque base for pork, beef or chicken. Add a shot to an “affogatto float”, which calls for a tall mug of vanilla gelato scoops covered with coffee.
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Pairs With

• Harissa
• Blood Orange
• Chipotle
• Any Single Varietal

Ideas for Use

• Combine with Chipotle, Garlic, or Harissa olive oil to marinate steaks; makes great fajita marinade.
• Use it to add depth to your chili or baked beans.
• Drizzle over fresh berries or tiramisu.
• For a delicious dessert, drizzle it over pineapple chunks or brush it on pears, peaches, and pineapple rings before grilling.
• Combine with Blood Orange olive oil and use to marinate pork tenderloin.

Excellent Complements

• Marinades for Beef & Pork
• BBQ Sauces
• Martinis
• Legumes
• Compotes
• Desserts
• Jams
• Fresh Fruit
• Gelato