Our Coconut White Balsamic is wonderfully sweet, pleasingly tart and redolent with the clean, natural flavour of coconut. It makes a fantastic dressing or marinade and is divine paired with our Persian Lime, Cilantro and Roasted Onion Olive Oils or Toasted Sesame Oil.
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Pairs With

• Cilantro & Onion
• Garlic
• Lime
• Chipotle
• Basil

Ideas for Use

• Sauté shrimp in any of our hot/spicy oils, and finish with a generous drizzle of Coconut balsamic and serve over rice or mixed greens.
• Combine with Persian Lime olive oil and use to marinate chicken or to dress quinoa.
• Add to Champagne for a unique twist on the classic Mimosa.
• Drizzle over grilled or roasted pineapple chunks and top Greek yogurt, ice cream, or gelato.
• Combine with Mango fruit vinegar, white rum, seltzer, and fresh lime juice for a fantastic drink.

Excellent Complements

• Vinaigrettes
• Quinoa
• Rice
• Chicken
• Shrimp
• Fish
• Sweet Treats
• Drinks