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Pairs With

• Traditional
• Strawberry
• Fig
• Raspberry
• Cranberry-Pear
• Mango
• Watermelon
• Grapefruit
• White Premium

Ideas for Use

• Brush on Italian bread, especially focaccia or ciabatta then grill.
• Drizzle over chopped fresh tomatoes for bruschetta and finish with Traditional 18 Year dark balsamic.
• Combine with any of our suggested vinegar pairings for the most delectable vinaigrette or marinade.
• Spread whipped ricotta cheese over a slice of grainy bread and drizzle with Basil olive oil.
• Toss with whole wheat pasta, peas, and roasted asparagus.
• Drizzle over pizza.
• Use to make basil aioli and use as a condiment with seafood or vegetables, especially artichokes, asparagus, and haricot verts.

Excellent Complements

• Vinaigrettes
• Sauces
• Leafy Greens
• Marinades for Beef, Poultry, & Seafood
• Pasta
• Summer Squash
• Grains
• Artichokes and Vegetables
• Pizza
• Peas
• Omelettes
• Carrots
• Soft Cheeses
• Thai-inspired dishes