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Champagne Wine Vinegar

When you first taste our Champagne White Wine Vinegar, you’ll instantly fall in love with its smooth and elegant flavour. That’s due in part to the way in which it is produced. Unlike other Champagne vinegars, this one never undergoes a pasteurisation process. By eliminating this step, the vinegar possesses a lovely, rich base.

Red Wine Vinegar

Red Wine Vinegar can be used in salad dressing, sauces and can also be cooked in reductions to make sauces which will turn sweet with a faint tangy bite. Reduction sauce can be drizzled over vanilla ice cream and figs to create a very complex, interesting dessert.

Sherry Reserva

This 25-year-old Spanish Reserve Sherry Vinegar has a bold flavour resulting from the cask-aged Sherries. This is an essential ingredient for most serious cooks. It adds wonderful flavour to any type of meat, vegetables and sauces. It also makes a great dressing.