A Beginner’s Guide to Flavoured Olive Oil

Cooking is a talent and an art. Thoughtful cooks carefully measure and combine ingredients, each one adding something special to a dish. Texture is a big concern; but to a great chef, flavour is much more important.

What separates amazing chefs from the amateurs is the ability to skillfully layer flavours in mouthwatering, new ways— and one of the easiest ways to do this is by using flavour-infused olive oils.

How to Use Infused Olive Oil
If you’ve ever had a meal and wondered how the chef managed to get such interesting flavour results, I can almost guarantee that flavoured olive oil was used somewhere behind the scenes.

With such a wide variety of mouthwatering flavours and applications, flavoured olive oils create endless possibilities when it comes to amazing food. If you’ve never used it before though, you may be confused about where to start. Here are a few ideas!

Pizza & Pasta
Everybody loves pizza, but why not go that extra step for a dish that’s truly out of this world? Simply drizzle a slice with one of your favorite flavours to add an extra layer of depth and deliciousness. Rosemary will add a bit of earthiness while a hot chili oil will give you that boost of spice you’ve been craving.

The same thing goes for pasta! Give your favorite pasta salad or pasta dish some added flavour with a drizzle of infused oil. If you like making homemade noodles, try a little bit in the dough! Rosemary pasta served with pesto and fresh parmesan always gets great results.

Breads and doughs are a great place to start incorporating flavour from the ground up. Take your favorite bread recipe and add a herb-infused olive oil to give it a brand new taste. Or, if you already have the bread, use an infused olive oil as a dip for delicious, filling snack.

When roasting a chicken, rubbing a herb-flavoured olive oil on the skin gives it a rich taste and also helps preserve moisture. If you’d like to try it out, many people recommend using lemon, rosemary, or garlic oil to start.

Next time you make potatoes, try replacing regular oil with a tasty, flavoured oil instead. Using flavoured oil in mashed potatoes is a great way to add some unexpected flavour to this classic dish. Simply replace the butter or cream with yummy herb-infused oil, mix and enjoy!

Infused olive oils are a divine with gin and bourbon. Try out a gin cocktail using 2 oz of gin, ¾ oz lemon juice, 1/3 oz simply syrup with a egg white, and ½ oz of your favorite infused oil.

For bourbon, blend 1.5 oz of scotch whiskey, ½ oz fresh orange juice, and a small spoonful of infused olive oil. Lastly, garnish with an orange peel and serve on ice for a tasty, relaxing treat.

Antipasto Platters
Mouthwatering briny olives, fresh baguettes, and an impressive array of cheese; the only thing that could improve on this already-amazing dish is an added layer of flavour. Try using rosemary or sweet chili for a satisfying twist! Red wine is a great complement too (in case you were wondering).

Olive Oil Cake
Olive oil cake has become super popular in the past few years, and there’s a reason why: it’s delicious and a great option for those looking for a healthy, chocolate substitute. Citrus flavours like lemon and orange add a fun unexpected twist, while herb flavours cut the sweetness with a dash of earthy goodness.


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